The Best Time To Fertilise Your Lawn


Find out exactly when and how to fertilise your lawn, the best time to water grass and figure out where the dead spots in your lawn are coming from. 


Having a lawn you can be proud of is something most Aussies crave – not only does it give you an accomplished feeling, but it’s also a great area to feel solitude and peace from our everyday lives. Being able to enjoy a soft, lush, green lawn comes with many benefits including being able to have the kids or grandkids play on the lawn without overexposure to dirt, having a cooler feeling backyard and enjoying being outside barefoot.   


While we can dream about having the perfect lawn, maintaining it all year round is a challenge within itself. Like most things we want to flourish, we need to put time, effort and commitment into our backyard, with the lawn taking up most of your attention in the dry season. It takes a balance of being prepared before you plant and the type of lawn you choose for your backyard. 


Where to start

If your existing soil is clay based or too sandy, spread 100-150mm of good friable loam across the lawn site; this will help establish deep roots that can be protected from heating up on hotter days, plus your grass will grow through this layer. Depending on what part of Australia you live in will determine your type of lawn, seek a lawn expert for a water-wise option. Pop-up sprinklers are a great investment and placing them in beforehand can make watering your lawn much more efficient!  


When to fertilise lawn

You might not think about it as often as you should, but your lawn needs to be fertilised throughout the year, especially to build up the root system; this gives your grass a healthy green glow year round. By watering deeply and thoroughly after fertilising—and not doing it during hot days—you reduce the risk of leaves burning.  


When to water your lawn

Deeply watering, as mentioned before, is great for your lawn especially in the Australian summer; if you’re unsure if your lawn needs a drink, dig your fingers into it! Moisture means you can put off watering for another day, but if you leave it too long you might be killing all your hard work. If you don’t trust your judgement, getting an automatic watering system with a battery back-up can work wonders. 


Watch your pets

Want to avoid dead grass patches in the lawn? Not sure where these dead patches are coming from? It could well be from your pets urinating on your precious lawn! Dogs especially like to use lawn to ‘mark their territory’ and love the soft feeling of grass under their paws, and due to the high nitrogen levels in their urine, can burn your leaves right up. Start by teaching your dog to use certain spots in the backyard or know where they have urinated to dilute the urine with water immediately.