The Art Of Mowing Your Lawn


Believe us, lawn envy is real! Have you ever seen a lawn so perfectly cut and pristine? They might make it look easy, but there are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to perfecting your lawn. If you’re growing new lawn or figuring out the best way to regrow your grass, you know it can be a guessing game when it comes to the weather, how much sun or shade it gets, water quality and your soil type.  

While it might seem like the battle is lost, there are ways you can become the master of your grass, and it all starts with your lawn mowing strategy. Have you thought about when the best time to mow your lawn is? Sometimes life gets in the way and we end up mowing grass wet or when it’s convenient, but there are the best times of day to mow lawn for optimal results.  


The Best Time To Mow Your Lawn

Think about the time of year and climate you’re living in; if it’s during the warmer months with fast growing grass and you aren’t able to mow your lawn every week or two, why not find a lawn mowing service to do the hard work? Once the weather cools down, you’ll be able to do it yourself every two to five weeks.  

Climate is one thing, but figuring out the best time of day to mow the lawn is another. When your grass is dry and the morning dew has evaporated, around 10am, it’s the optimal time to cut your grass. Alternatively, late afternoon works as you beat the heat of the day and get in before nightfall. Avoid mowing your lawn when it’s been raining as the blades will tear the grass, instead of providing a clean cut, don’t let your hard work go to waste!  


How To Look After Your Lawn  

Keeping a neat and tidy grass area adds the finishing touch to any garden, and by knowing the best height for your grass you can make it look professionally done. Ask your supplier, but most grass should be between four to seven centimetres high, avoid cutting more than one third of the grass length; this allows ventilation and sun to the grassroots, reducing weed growth and fewer pest problems.  

A light mow means you can leave grass clippings as mulch, but raking them to evenly spread and avoid dead patches due to smothering. If your grass has become long and out of hand, the best plan of action is to lightly and frequently cut the lawn, rather than taking on the whole lot in one go.  

Keep your lawn looking healthy year round by fertilising early in the growing season with a good quality product that can be delivered by hand or dispenser, and fertilise every six weeks. A ‘weed and feed’ product is good if you have pesky weeds that won’t go away; you can also add seed to the mix for any dead patches or holes that are bothering you.  


The Right Tools For Mowing Your Lawn  

Mowing the lawn yourself? You need a good lawn mower for the job, otherwise you’ll be doing twice as much work on one area! Find a mower to suit your lawn size and situation, larger lawns need a decent mower or ride on, selecting a grass mower like the Toro 22" Personal Pace Recycler Lawn Mower is easy maintenance with lightweight agility.  

If your lawn area is smaller, electric and battery options are available, with less noise impact on your neighbours. Look after your mower by keeping it in a clean, dry place with blades in good condition. If it needs a bit of maintenance work, take it past your local repair shop for a service, you don’t want to be going over the same patch all day! You’ll soon be the one with a pristine lawn that’ll turn your neighbours green with envy.