How to get your garden ready for summer entertaining


‘Tis the season to get into host mode and start having family and friends over. When you have a beautiful backyard, you want to show it off. But, if your garden still needs some TLC, these tips will help plant the seed.   

With summer just about here, barbeques and cheese & wine sessions will fast become a weekly event for many of us. To avoid last minute frenzies, follow these maintenance strategies so you can satisfy your inner host.  

Although planning ahead and keeping your garden under control throughout the year is the best way to make sure there’s no last-minute rush before your first event, we know that sometimes time can get away.  

So, here are four ways you can freshen up any garden quickly:  


 1. Add colour

To add instant colour and life to an entertaining area, try updating your potted plants. Love a specific colour theme right now? Bring it to life in your garden by mass planting a few types of plants that follow similar colours. Like giant sunflowers, with blue pots and yellow marigolds… or red pots with blue petunias. If you’re buying punnets of smaller plants, make sure you water them regularly when they’re first planted so that their roots don’t dry out.


2. Brighten up the space

An affordable way to instantly introduce a charming ambiance to your yard is by installing solar or LED lights. Light up trees and paths with spotlights and bollard lights to illuminate your garden after-dark. If you are having an event make sure you install a day or so before your event so the solar panels can fully charge. 


 3. Spruce up your lawn

A great way to instantly freshen up the way your yard looks is by mowing your lawn. Well-groomed grass provides a soft surface for your guests to walk on and a great place for kids to play. If your lawn is looking a little dull, check out these tips on how to make your lawn look luscious this summer. 


 4. Choose plants that flourish in Australian weather

Geraniums and pelargoniums grow well in Australia. They look great in the garden and are easy to propagate, if your friends or neighbours want to trade cuttings. They flower most of the year, so your garden will be blooming regardless of the season.    


Now it’s time to dust off the outdoor furniture, clean and oil your barbeque plate & grill and make sure you’ve got chairs at the ready. You’ll be hosting for your first shindig of the season in no time.